About "Baku Metropolitan" CJSC

Baku Metro Closed Joint-Stock Company was established according to Decree No. 289 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated 27 February 2014 on Establishment of Baku Metro Closed Joint-Stock Company through reorganization of Baku Metro and Azertunelmetrotikinti Joint-Stock Company.

According to the Decree Baku Metro CJSC is a legal successor of Baku Metro and Azertunelmetrotikinti Joint Stock Company and all their rights and obligations, as well as property were transferred to the Joint Stock Company.

Under the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 201, dated June 25, 2014, the Charter and the structure of Baku Metro Closed Joint-Stock Company was approved and it was officially registered as a legal entity within the tax authorities as at July 17, 2014.

Being established out of the need to expand the subway, which is very important for the city population due to passenger transportation, as well as unite in a single industrial complex other important areas such as exploitation and construction of the subway, Baku Metro Closed Joint-Stock Company formed its personnel in a short period of time since establishment and has been carrying out tasks assigned to the Company by the Head of the State.

With the aim to develop the subway, improve the transportation quality of subway passengers, construct new tracks and stations, and strengthen the material and technical base, the total employee number of Baku Metro is 6,500 people, of which more than 1,500 work in the field of subway construction.

Baku Metro Closed Joint-Stock Company embracing such important areas like subway operation and construction, has the following structural units:

Traffic service;
Depot Department;
Tunnel Facilities Services;
Traffic Services;
Electricity Supply Services;
Electromechanical Service;
Overhaul Services;
Alarm and Communication Services;
Automototransportation Services;
United workshops;
Construction Department;
Human Resources and Services Department;
Department of Perspective Development and Capital Construction Supervision;
Department of Finance.