About "Baku Metropolitan" CJSC

Educational and Training Centre was established in the Joint Stock Company where educational programs on arrangement of training courses for all occupations on demand across the subway have been approved, training procedures have been started. In this regard, in the administrative building “Rabite Evi” under the Joint Stock Company classrooms designed for separate occupations and an educational hall, relevant teaching equipment for the organization of training courses, advanced communications systems have been installed. According to the terms of an agreement concluded in the framework of an international cooperation in order to study SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition - dispatch management and database) and CBTC (Communications-based train control – communication based train control and management) systems to be applied to Purple Line the specialists of French company Thales SA has started training courses at the Centre and upon completion of these 2-week trainings a group of Baku Metro employees were sent to Turkey’s city Istanbul to participate at the next courses. Studies are being continued at the training centre of Thales SA in Istanbul. Within the period of three week Baku Metro representatives will become familiar with the operation of a new CBTC system to replace the existing alarm and communication systems of underground main line. Upon completion of Istanbul metro training, the 3rd stage of the learning process will start and be held in January in Toronto Metro, Canada.

The knowledge gained at the courses will be used in the professional training of metro staff, mastering of new technologies. Specialists who have completed the training process will share their knowledge with metro colleagues; along with direct fulfilling of their duties in the production they will also participate in the activity of the training centre, training of personnel who will be able to work with new technologies.