06 November 2018

The first train overhauled in the new workshop has appeared on the line

This project will become the basis of the country's car building industry and its scientific and practical potential

The first train completely renovated in the carriage overhaul workshop, set in operation at the Narimanov Depot has appeared on the line. In this workshop, equipped with the most modern standards, trains are not only overhauled, but also modernized. Thus, after the establishment of the CJSC “Baki Metropoliteni”, one of the largest and most historic projects was realized. This is a historic step towards achieving high economic returns in renewal of the train fleet, reducing operating costs, opening of new work place and training new types of skilled personnel.

As a result, the appearance of trains changes completely, and most importantly, traffic safety is enhanced, technical characteristics are significantly improved, the process of operation and maintenance is facilitated, conditions for more efficient use of work are created.
The first important innovation that attracts attention in a train is that the front part of the leading cars has been prepaired from high-grade and shock-proof composite materials. Another of its constructive advantages is the creation of more comfortable conditions for control by partially expanding the operator's cab. Information tables are completely electronic, the mirrors of the operator's cab are more functional, the windshield is more reliable and high-quality, resistant to the effects of natural conditions.
One of the most important innovations is the remote control of the train. The new control station on the electronic platform, the replacement of the previous relay system with analogues of the new generation, the replacement of the cam controllers with smaller contactless controllers, along with the improvement of the control system, made it safer, more long-term and more modern.
Old connections in the cars were replaced by equipment of a new generation. Innovations have completely eliminated a number of compounds that have lost the need to use and its, from a technological point of view, value.
Replacing a number of parts that were excluded from production in recent years, to analogues of a new generation, reducing problems of train operation, eliminates the threat of a train leaving on the line, once turned into a chronic problem. One of the main innovations in this sense is the use of a pulse stepper motor, by making changes to the previous problem rheostat controller. Due to frequent failure, instead of a regularly repaired air compressor, the contactor box of the pneumatic line, has been used modern, maintenance-free equipment from Germany and Russia. Old radio stations have been replaced by more modern ones and the communication "dispatcher-operator" has been improved, which is important for ensuring security.
As a result, more than 10 additional changes in the management scheme as part of the modernization process, the number of connections and parts ensuring the movement of trains has been reduced, and the functionality has been increased. As an example of the scale of work, we can note a reduction in the control wires of the car drive by 60 percent. Most importantly, these innovations are used in the cars of the 4th - the most modern generation from technological point of view.
In this connection, it is possible to note the reflection of information about defects in the car diagrams on the operator's console, the processing of the commands of the operator's controller and the ASC (Automatic Speed Control) installation, the diagnostics of the operator's controller, individual control of the side doors, the archiving of malfunctions, complete information on the work of the traction drives of the leading cars.
In general, the main advantage of starting the workshop is the fact that the repair is organized locally, and not outside of the country. Since this will save money to a great extent. Until recently, the cars that came to the time of major repairs were sent to the Moscow Metro, the Moscow factory for the repair of electric trains and its branch in Tbilisi. In the Soviet period, this issue was easily solved because of the management of a single center. During the years of independence, the situation has changed, in the context of intergovernmental relations, economic and political interests have faced the influence of monopoly intentions.
The current difficult situation was liquidated after the establishment of the CJSC “Baki Metropoliteni” in 2014. As a pilot project in local conditions, 10 cars were cleaned of corrosion by sandblasting. In 2015, to these works were added also renewal of the car's interior, including flooring and internal plastic sheething, door tires and cleaning of the ventilation line. As part of the reconstruction, the floor covering and the plastic layer of 23 cars were replaced, electric lines and car lighting network were renewed.
Interior of 15 cars were replaced by a modern and economical LED lighting system. The new design of the front part of the cars became the most attractive feature of the modernization.
Since the achievements required the expansion of the production site, the construction of a new workshop became a necessity and on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Baku Metro construction of the shop was completed.
The annual production capacity of the workshop is 20 cars. Places for dismantling, installation, welding and forging works, anti-corrosion measures, washing and painting are set at the level of modern technical requirements. During the repair, the cars are modernized in accordance with modern requirements and enriched with new technologies. To carry out these processes, the workshop was provided with all necessary equipment.
These days, work has begun on 5 more cars. The experience gained over a short period of time created the conditions for a wider range of modernization in these cars. This indicates an increasing expansion of the new commissioned site.


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