31 January 2019


An agreement for the supply of new carriages has concluded

During 2019, “Transmashholding” Joint Stock Company will manufacture 30 new-generation carriages for Baku Metro. The contract for the supply of new carriages was signed by Boris Bogatyrov - General Director of “Metrovagonmash” Joint Stock Company (part of the holding) and Zaur Huseynov - Chairman of CJSC “Baki Metropoliteni”.
Carriages of model 81-765.Б/766.Б belong to the most modern, from the point of view of innovations, - the 4th generation. New carriages produced from 2017 will increase the number of the same models of Baku Metro's carriage rolling stock. It should be noted that the characteristics of the currently purchased cars are based on the technical requirements proposed by the customer.
In comparison with the rolling stock of the previous models, the new cars are equipped with expanded doorways, with a light alert system for opening and closing of the doors. The carriages have noise and heat insulation, an air-conditioning system, a ventilation system and sockets for charging the passengers' electronic devices. In the head carriages there are places for wheelchairs. The light scheme with original graphics is adapted to the local information system.
Baku Metro has long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with “Metrovagmash” JSC. “Metrovagmash” has been making rolling stock for Baku Metro since 1967. Currently 286 carriages are operating in Baku Metro. In 2015, “Transmashholding” provided Baku Metro with three five-car trains of the type 81-760.Б/761.Б/763.Б with a pass-through design. In 2018 the carriage rolling stock of Baku Metro expanded by two five-car trains of the type 81-765/766.


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