14 July 2020 18:00


To the attention of passengers

Under the strict quarantine regime, passenger transportation has been suspended since July 4, with Baku metro stations closed for passengers’ use. For this reason, passengers are facing certain difficulties in topping up their “BakuCard” balance. Taking into account the numerous appeals from citizens, measures have been taken to resolve the issue expeditiously. A meeting of the leaders of the Baku Transport Agency, “BakuCard” and “MilliOn” was held in a video conference format with the participation of Baku Metro.
As a result of the discussions, it was decided to open the vestibules of metro stations where passengers’ demand is high only for the use of payment terminals.
As per the decision, from July 15, at peak hours in the morning and evening, the vestibules of some metro stations will be opened for the use of payment terminals in areas with high passenger demand.
According to the schedule, from 06:30 to 12:00 "Hazi Aslanov", "Ahmadli", "Khalqlar Dostlugu", "Neftchilar", "Gara Garayev", "Azadlig Avenue", "January 20", from 16:00 to 20:30, the lobbies of "January 20", "Nizami", "Ganjlik" and "Nariman Narimanov" stations will be open only for the use of payment terminals.
Appropriate measures are taken in the vestibules to ensure that passengers wear masks and follow the rules of social distance. Passengers are asked to plan their work to increase the balance of “BakuCard”.
Pre-planning is important to avoid unnecessary loss of time, as well as to minimize the risk of infection during the pandemic.

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