Thalassemia is a hereditary disease related to blood color indicator. In many cases, the amount of protein in the blood rises during the illness, the spleen is enlarged.

With early manifestation of thalassemia in children this causes delay in a child's physical and mental development, gross change of facial skeleton (square skull, saddle-shaped nose, displacement of teeth, misalignment of the upper and lower jaw, etc.). So, a bit of jaundice is observed in these children, they are often infected with infectious diseases. In severe cases, children die in their first year of life. In the case of moderately severe thalassemia children can live until adulthood.

Thalassemia is incurable disease. The patient's condition can be facilitated by means of blood  transfer. This kind of patients at are cared on the state level. The state undertakes a number of tasks after the adoption of law “On state care for persons hereditary subject to hemophilia and thalassemia”.

Supportin sick children has become public in our country. Government and public institutions are active in this field. On February 10 and 11with the initiative of Metro Workers Trade Union blood donation campaign were carried out with the view to help children suffering from thalassemia.

The first day of the campaign was held in the building of technology and management apparatus of Baku Metro,  while the second day was held in “Narimanov” power depot. Nearly 200 metro employees have joined the campaign and by donating their blood reliefed the situation of sick children.