Terms of use

5. The following is prohibited in Baku Metro:

5.1. Enter station and cars under the influence of alcoholic drinks, drugs and psychotropic substances, toxic and other harmful substances.

5.2. Smoke in stations, passages and cars.

5.3. Wear clothes which can stain other passengers’ clothes or a saloon or take along dirty hand luggage;

5.4. Access station and enter the car sick (with infectious diseases) which can cause anxiety among passengers;

5.5. Enter station or take along with a sick animal or a bird into the car which can cause anxiety among passengers and threat of contamination with infectious disease;

5.6. Enter the station via points of entry with copies of the certificates granting the right of free passage or substitute documents (even if approved notarial);

5.7. Enter the station from entrances, bounding fences, places where prohibiting signs installed;

5.8. Carry hand luggage of large sizes, with more than 200 cm in length, width and height, as well as 220 cm in length;

5.9. Take unwrapped, open and unfixed hand luggage with possibility to injure passengers (glass, linoleum, ruberoid, metal profiles, wood, measuring rod, unassembled bicycles without case etc.);

5.10. Make use of wheeled vehicles for the transportation of hand luggage (excluding wheeled suitcase).

5.11. Climb down to the tracks, enter control booth, service, technical rooms, ventilation shafts, tunnels and other fenced places of Baku Metro without permission;

5.12. Damage buildings, structures and facilities, station, escalator and car equipment;

5.13. Make use of out-of-service escalators without permission;

5.14. Lean against escalator handrails, put things on handrails, take off handrails, throw anything, run, sit on the escalator steps, use “Stop” key on the balustrade without any need;

5.15. Take along flammable, toxic and hazardous substances, objects and liquids, gas balloons;

5.16. Make use of open fire, pyrotechnic devices (sky-rockets, explosives etc.);

5.17. Take along firearms, drilling tools;

5.18. Litter and contaminate station lobbies, crossings and platforms, escalators, tracks and car saloons;

5.19. Throw anything on the road;

5.20. Make photos, videos and films without the permission of Baku Metro management;

5.21. Write on the walls of station lobbies, crossings and platforms, escalators, carriages;

5.22. Run on the platform, do not follow data indicators of the movement direction, and prevent the organized passenger flow;

5.23. Cross the border line at the side of the passenger platform until the full stoppage of the train;

5.24. Enter the saloon after the announcement “Be careful! Doors are closing”, as well as hold doors to get into the car or get off the car;

5.25. Open doors during train movement, prevent the opening-closure of doors in the station, delay train departure;

5.26. If necessary, make use of “passenger-driver” communication;

5.27. Move on rollers, skateboards and other similar wheeled and rolled vehicles;

5.28. Listen to the high sound audio, make use of sound amplifier and play on musical instruments;

5.29. Take or stay in the train which after related announcement should move without passengers;

5.30. Carry out commercial, advertising or other form of activity and promote in any form on the territory of Baku Metro without the consent of its management and in the manner established by law;

5.31. Throw garbage and set fire closer than 25 metres from all facilities of Baku Metro, including ventilation shafts;

5.32. Connect processors to electric power grid of Baku Metro’s electric network without management permission.