Passenger Responsibilities

Passenger Responsibilities

2.1 Fare Payment:
Passengers are required to pay the fare or present a valid document entitling them to a free pass upon entry at a metro station.
2.2 Luggage Fees:
Passengers must pay a fare for each piece of hand luggage measuring between 121 cm and 200 cm in length, width, and height. Additionally, a fee is applicable for each elongated piece of hand luggage between 151 cm and 220 cm in length.

2.3 Secure Handling of Hand Luggage:
Hand luggage should be properly wrapped, tied, and secured to prevent any potential harm to fellow passengers.

2.4 Limit on Hand Luggage:
The number of hand luggage items allowed should not exceed two.

2.5 Free Passage Document Exclusion:
The document granting the right to free passage does not extend to free carriage of hand luggage, for which applicable fares must be paid.

2.6 Emergency Situations:
In the event of a passenger or object falling onto the tracks or any incident compromising train movement safety, passengers must promptly inform on-duty personnel, including those on receiving or departing trains, station attendants, or any metro employee.

2.7 Reporting Suspicious Items:
If passengers discover a stray or suspicious item in stations or carriages, immediate notification is required. This should be directed to on-duty personnel, the train driver (with "passenger-driver" communication at the end of the carriage), metro staff, or the police.

2.8 Platform Etiquette:
2.8.1. When waiting for the train, passengers should evenly distribute along the platform.
2.8.2. Avoid standing in front of carriage doors when the train stops to facilitate the smooth exit of passengers.
2.8.3. Do not cross the platform boundary line until the train has come to a complete stop, and carriage doors are opened.

2.9 On-Train Etiquette:
2.9.1. Seats should be offered to disabled individuals, the elderly, pregnant women, and passengers with children.
2.9.2. Avoid leaning on carriage doors.
2.9.3. Hold onto handles and avoid obstructing other passengers during entry or exit.
2.9.4. Prepare in advance to disembark comfortably when approaching the designated station.