• Date of opening:

    March 28, 1979

  • Line:


  • The length of the lines

    100 m

  • Address:

    A. Gayibov Street

  • Architects:

    Konstantin Senchikhin, Boris Potapov


Inagurated: March 28, 1979
Red line
Commissioning date:    September 25, 1970.
Reconstructed:    March 28, 1979.
Address:    A.Gayibov str.
Project names:  “Elektrozavod”, “Elektrodepo”.
Previous name:  "Depo" (until January 1, 1993).
Construction profile:    above-ground, one side-platform.
Length of tracks:  106 m.
Architects:    K.İ.Senchikhin, B.Potapov, design engineer, A.Jafarov.

It is the only above-ground station of the Metro. The station is mainly located on the tracks of trains moving to the only electric depot of Baku Metro. From here, trains enter the metro line through "Narimanov" station, mainly running towards "Icherisheher" and "Dernegul" stations.
After the commissioning of the metro depot, a small platform-type stop was built for the metro employees working here.
The rapid development of industrial enterprises in the area in the 1970s made a major reconstruction of this station necessary too. At that time, according to the order of Heydar Aliyev, who was the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, a street by name ‘Khalglar Dostlugu Khiyabani’, now known as Alesgar Gayibov, was built. The establishment of a new road to Baku Household Air Conditioner Plant, which was constructed in Baku, not in Zaporozhe city of Ukraine in 1973 thanks to Heydar Aliyev's determination, became necessary to ensure the commute to and from the plant. On December 25, 1975, the Baku Household Air Conditioning Plant and the aforementioned street were inaugurated. Even the first tree on the dividing strip of the road was planted by Heydar Aliyev himself. The metro employees also played an active role in the construction of the plant.
In the late 1970s, a two-story station with a large lobby and "M"-type facade was built here. During those years, one platform-type stop with a small lobby was built as part of organizing the fork movement in the direction of "Narimanov" station -"Depo". 
Trains used to operate only during rush hours, while the rest of the time, periodic routes during changes of work shifts were arranged in consultation with the management of local enterprises. 
The train's schedule now takes into account the maintenance and repairs of trains, the needs of both the depot’s employees and the educational institutions in the area, as well as the interests of industry workers and those living there.
In consideration of the requirements of the academic year, schedules are adjusted twice a year (June-July and September), with the information about it posted at each of the stations through which trains run towards the depot, and on the official website of the Baku Metro (http://www.metro.gov.az/az/schedule).
The station was named "Bakmil" (Baku-Milan) in honor of the Azerbaijan-Italy joint venture, which was opened near the station in the years of independence. A pedestrian overpass was built on the south wing of the station, over the railway to the opposite side of the road.
As a result of the exposure to open air conditions and long-term operation, the infrastructure of the station failed to meet the requirements of the time and therefore. Therefore, a phased reconstruction was carried out as of August 2017, and on March 26, 2019, the sation was commissioned for use by passangers, with the participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.
The repair and reconstruction were carried out in phases at this station, which has an entrance and exit on the second floor, in order not to interrupt its operation.  Only in August 2018, during the final stages of the work, restrictions for passengers’ use of the station were imposed at certain hours of the day. 
During the reconstruction, the main architectural appearance of the station was maintained and the facade renovated. To increase reliability, durability and longevity, the passenger platform was completely removed and replaced with a passenger platform made of monolithic reinforced concrete structures. The lounge of the platform was renovated and started receiving passengers right on the second floor - at the platform level. Therefore, the first floor became a service area only.
An open air track of the station is covered with an umbrella, which covers the entire track area along the platform and is important in terms of protecting passengers against rainfall. 
All the communication lines in the station were completely upgraded, new fire safety technologies introduced, new suspended ceiling built, modern lighting and information systems and passenger automation equipment installed in the lounge. The railway of the station was reconstructed with concrete sleepers, and the facade reinforced, while maintaining the architecture untouched.
The first floor was 60 cm below the motorway, which in turn created unequal levels, making it difficult for the first floor of the station to be protected against rain. This issue was addressed during the reconstruction too. Besides, there has been landscaping work done around the station. 
It is the only station of Baku Metro where no piece of music is played on trains entering the station.