Azadlig prospekti

  • Date of opening:

    December 30, 2009

  • Line:


  • The length of the lines

    100 m

  • Address:

    Intersection of Binagadi road and S.S. Akhundov street

  • Architects:

    Elbay Gasimzade, Zaur Gurbanaliyev, Magsud Mammadov, Khanlar Ahmadov

"Azadlig prospekti"

Inaugurated: December 30, 2009
Green line
Commissioning date:  December 30, 2009.
Address:    Intersection of Binagady road and S.S.Akhundov street.
Construction profile:   column-less, single-ceiling, arched platform.
Length of tracks:  102 m.
Architects:    Elbay Gasimzade, Magsud Mammadov and Zaur Gurbanaliyev.

The first station with column-less platform in Azerbaijan, "Azadlig prospekti" is the second station in the complex of three stations and a depot, which was designed and started to be constructed in 1989 in the Soviet time in the northern area of the third construction shift of the metro in the capital city.
Since the ground rocks on which the station is located are mainly limestones, it was possible to build it in the shape of an arched platform without columns. The station is located at a depth of 14 meters.
Although launched in the Soviet time, the excavations were halted by geopolitical events in the country and the Allied Republics gaining their independence. The construction works were resumed in 2006 and completed in 2009, following the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s instruction and budget allocation of about 600 million manats for the construction of the underground. 
With a total length of 297 m, the station consists of a passenger platform (10 m wide, 102 m long), two lounges, the main ventilation chamber, turning chamber, two underpasses and four entrances and exits.
The facilities brought from Turkey, Russia, Germany and other countries were used in the installation of internal systems of the station. 
Opened with the participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, the station is of a particular importance in terms of improving the road-transport complex towards the northern residential areas of the capital. For the first time, a new above-ground substation of power, which was built according to a particular plan, was commissioned for electricity supply to the station.
Through its modern-style construction, the station stands out with its aesthetic appearance, thus adding new architectural elements to the school of architecture in the construction of underground stations. An emphasis was made on modernity and traditions of national architecture during the construction at the station. So, the unique architectural monuments of our country are exhibited on the panels. Large-scale ornaments and decorative elements were applied in proportion to the total size of the main hall. Along with the skillful use of the national architectural elements in the station, the platform seats have been made of durable materials. 
For the first time in the Metro, the touchscreen interactive survey kiosks and automated reloading machines of travel pass cards in the lounges have been installed at this station. After selecting one of language options (Azerbaijani, English and Russian) on the display of kiosks, a passenger is provided with detailed information about the duration of travel, passageway stations, and premises around the final station.
"Azadlig prospekti" started to receive passengers a year after "Nasimi" station was commissioned. Thus, for the first time in the history of the Metro, stations were commissioned one after the other in two consecutive years. This station was also the first to use three "Tugela" escalators, designed by "ThyssenKrupp", Germany, for shallow-level stations, in the history of Baku Metro. 
The installment of a centralized database system, lighting, safety and security systems, which was another novelty in Baku Metro, was started in this station.
Another technological innovation was a significant decrease in  the number of communication equipment thanks to the rail circuits without intersections (qovşaqsız rels dövrələri) and the use of small-sized equipment. New devices allow to immediately detect and troubleshoot errors. Based on the latest technologies, the equipment that ensures the movement and safety of trains was also distinctive excellence at that time. 
A fragment from the national dance "Jangi" is played on the trains arriving at the station.