"Halglar Dostlugu"

  • Date of opening:

    April 28, 1989

  • Line:


  • The length of the lines

    100 m

  • Address:

    G. Garayev avenue

  • Architects:

    Rasim Aliyev, Akif Abdullayev

“Khalglar dostlugu”

Inaugurated: April 28, 1989
Red line
Commissioning date: April 28, 1989.
Address:  G.Garayev avenue.
Construction profile:  shallow-level, 2 rows, 32 reinforced concrete columns, island type.
Length of tracks: 102 m.
Architects: R.G.Aliyev, A.G.Abdullayev.
It is one of the last two stations to be opened in the area of "Baki Soveti-Ahmadli" during the Soviet Rule. The inauguration happened at the time when national conflicts were flaring up during the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Soviet and Republican leaders renamed the station “Khalglar Dostlugu” (Friendship of Peoples) on the anniversary of the establishment of Soviet power in Azerbaijan, as if correcting the socio-political and social events of that time, and demonstrating their desire to restore processes that were clearly not on the way.
The station is distinguished with its original style of architecture, with the multifaceted columns of white marble closely related to the traditional architecture. Each face of the column is joined to the other by a deep-seated aluminum strip, making the columns more vertical. The shape of an opening flower of the columns resting on the circular element of the white ceiling makes an impression of eternity through the white sky on the ceiling.
The circular ceiling hooks are joined to each other with giant white stone logs. The bulbs, deep-seated inside the circular gold ring on the ceiling, create a cosmic impression, making this view even more magnificent. Between each ceiling ring with bulbs are two columns, which are complemented by another three white stone logs placed along the width of the ceiling. These stone logs extend right up to the track wall of the station. 
The columns of bulb rings complement the entire composition of the granite cover of the floor with their roses. While illuminating, this look gives an impression of spaciousness with its brightness and golden-orange effect. By transiting to the milky white color towards the station's tracks, this illumination combines the dreams of the world of the two fairytales. Dark granite and light-color marble were used in the coating work. The marble layer of the station's track walls is decorated with golden elements to complement the theme, which in turn serves to complement the overall theme and color patterns.
There are two escalators of ET-5M type in one of the two exits from the platform to the lobby. On the eve of the 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku, the passageways of the station underwent major repairs. 

A fragment from Tofig Guliyev’s “Eziz dost” song, featured in “Bakhtiyar” movie, is played on trains arriving at the station.