• Date of opening:

    December 23, 2022

  • Line:


  • The length of the lines

    144 m

  • Address:

    Chingizkhan street 55

  • Architects:

    "Bakumetro project" Institute

"Khojasan" Station

"Khojasan" station has been opened for passenger use on the territory of the "Khojasan" electric depot of the Purple Line. This marks the 27th station of the metro and the 2nd above-ground station. Although the construction of the station, designed by "Baku Metro" JSC's "Bakimetrolayihe" Institute, was planned for the second phase of construction works, it was moved to the first phase considering the rapid socio-economic development of the area, the population settlement pace, and the branching of road infrastructure.
Located at Chingiz Khan Street 55, "Khojasan" station has two floors. The total area of the complex is 4204.53 m², and its length is 165 meters.
The entrance area of the station houses a vestibule with passenger automation systems, including an automatic control-release point. A 59-meter-long transition corridor has been constructed from the vestibule to the passenger platform. For passengers to ascend to the platform level, two modern escalators and stairs produced by "Thyssen Krupp" of Germany, model "Tugela FT-945", have been installed. The escalators have a lifting height of 4.8 meters and a belt length of 12 meters.
Closed and open waiting halls, as well as service personnel rooms, are located at the platform level. A special canopy protects the station path, platform, and sub-platform infrastructure from the effects of open-air conditions.
Since the Purple Line is designed for the movement of 7-car trains, the platform of the 4th station on the line is also 144 meters long. With the opening of "Khojasan" station, seven-car trains began to operate on the line for the first time since its commissioning in 2016. Previously, five-car trains operated on the line according to passenger transportation volume demands.
The vestibule, transition corridor, and platform floors and walls are clad with more durable granite and ceramogranite. Granite from Italy and Ukraine was used for the flooring, and ceramogranite for the walls, adding richness to the aesthetic appearance of the station.
The rooms adjacent to the vestibule and on the second floor of the two-story building are designated for service personnel and technical staff.
Water reservoirs and a pump room for firefighting and drinking water supply have been constructed, and a modern fire safety system and equipment have been installed. The lighting system, modern, economical, and ergonomic, complements the architectural ensemble of the station.
A 806-meter railway line has been laid from the exit of the tunnels to the station. The tracks are laid on reinforced concrete sleepers, and the switchers are mounted on reinforced concrete ties. This makes the system more economically and practically efficient, easy to maintain, and most importantly, ensures smooth and safe train movement.
The movement of trains to and from "Khojasan" station on the Purple Line is ensured by a special schedule. The schedules are published on the official website of the metro.