Modernization of 2 Medium Trains and 2 More Underway in Current Maintenance

Modernization of 2 Medium Trains and 2 More Underway in Current Maintenance

16 JANUARY / 2024 / 13:24

In 2023, according to the service plan, two train sets were overhauled with modernization. One of these trains is already in operation, while the other is undergoing tuning. It should be added that another train, which was modernized in the same manner and taken out of service on October 26, 2022, underwent testing and tuning in 2023 as per the schedule and was put into operation on February 21.

Since 2014, the expansion of repair volumes and the continuous creation of new areas since 2017 in the newly built workshop have played a significant role in maintaining stability in the metro's wagon fleet and improving operational indicators. This has eliminated the need to send wagons abroad for medium and major repairs. The costs associated with transportation, customs, and other related expenses for sending these wagons abroad have been abolished, ensuring high-quality repair organization and training of local personnel.

Trains prepared for the line undergo a complete disassembly and inspection during the medium repair. Parts that have reached the end of their service life and are deemed unusable are replaced. The wagons undergo a full defectoscopy examination, and the volume of additional work is determined. The wagons are also cleaned of corrosion and painted.

More than ten new devices and systems have been introduced during the modernization process at the time of medium repair, ensuring the complete automation of the train sets. These include ten "YAP-13 BM" electric devices each, step-type impulse engines, the "Knorr Bremse" company's "VV-120 T" air dryer along with engine compressor, EPRO company's "PPK-12 M" compressor inventory, "Camozzi" company's door pneumatic air system, and eight "Harting" systems for auto-coupling assemblies, which are significant due to being the most modern equipment in new trains. This increases the technical reliability of the trains and significantly reduces the incidence of malfunctions.

The train control system has been completely renewed with four "ASUP-M81" stations and an equal number of driver consoles obtained from Russia's "Spetsavtomatika" organization. An automatic control system has been applied to the train, processing the overall condition of the train and signals from the undercarriage equipment and transmitting them to the driver's monitor. These innovations, applied in the latest generation of trains, help the driver comfortably control the train, timely and accurately assess the situation, identify potential malfunctions in advance, and prevent them, thereby significantly strengthening passenger transport safety.

Four "DL-1800" roof-type air conditioners for the driver's cabin, produced by "PLT Business," create a more comfortable working environment for the driver.

In general, the repair of a train that began in the third quarter of 2023 was completed on December 7, and the train was involved in the passenger transportation process. The work on another train, taken out of service in the fourth quarter, was completed on December 21. Currently, tuning and testing are being carried out, and it will soon be put into operation.

Under the framework of the third current repair service, modernization work was carried out on two more train sets. One was put into operation in May and the other in August. As part of the modernization, "Camozzi" and "Fiesta" door pneumatic air systems for one train, five air compressors from "Tamsan," and a "Fire Alarm" system from "Metrospetstexnika" were installed.

It is noteworthy that the fire alarm system, installed as a pilot project, is unique and signifies the highest possible level of fire safety in metro trains.