Additional loading terminals installed in two stations’ technical areas

Additional loading terminals installed in two stations’ technical areas

05 MARCH / 2024 / 11:00

To increase passenger satisfaction, meet safety requirements, and ensure movement comfort, monitoring continues in all areas related to passenger transport in the Baku metro. Additionally, considering that this year our country will host the 29th Conference of the Parties (COP29) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, various measures are being implemented in collaboration with relevant organisations to ensure coordinated activity. Both to enhance passenger satisfaction and to address issues related to COP29, a joint action plan has been prepared with the responsible agency for the implementation of the payment system in the metro from the last days of January.

Based on the monitoring, the placement of “BakuKart” terminals in Baku metro stations and additional necessary measures have been identified. In this regard, not only the needs of Baku metro users were examined, but also those of people using surface public transport stops located near several stations.

Due to the necessary demand at the “Sahil” and “28 May” stations, two additional loading terminals have been placed in each of their technical areas close to the entrances. This is to ensure the convenience of non-metro users in loading “BakuKart” plastic cards. This ensures the convenience of passengers in obtaining cards and loading travel credits without entering the Baku metro. At the same time, it has provided for more comfortable movement of passengers in the vestibules of these stations, more agile use of terminals, and more efficient inspection and direction of passenger flow.

Currently, monitoring and activities in other directions and issues are ongoing. In addition, within the framework of joint activities, work is being carried out in directions such as introducing new payment methods and options for fares, diversifying the means of loading funds to the card, expanding electronic capabilities with new applications, etc.