• Date of opening:

    November 6, 1967

  • Address:

    İstiqlaliyyat st. 2

  • The length of the lines

    100 m.

  • Line:


  • Architects

    Y.Qedimov, T.Xanlarov, SH.Zeynalova, Y.Kozlov


Inaugurated: November 6, 1967 
Red line
Commissioning date:  November 6, 1967.
Address:  Istiglaliyyet str. 2.
Original project name:  “Communist”.
Previous name:  "Bakı Soveti" (until April 25, 2007).
Construction profile:    one exit, deep-level, 3 arched ceilings, 2 rows, 8 pylons.
Length of tracks:  100 m.
Architects:    Y.N.Kozlov, G.A.Khanlarov, Y.G.Gadimov, Sh.A.Zeynalova.

“Icherisheher” is the first station of the Red Line. It was commissioned as the starting station of “Baki Soveti-Nariman Narimanov”.
According to the construction project, the main focus in the design of the station was the victory of the Soviet Rule in the republic and the praise of the achievements of the republic during the Soviet Rule. It consisted of a cashier's hall in an above-ground lobby and a dome.
The front and side facades of the cashier's hall were made of stained glass, the back wall and columns were coated with white and black marble, and the floor made of black granite.
The walls of the middle hall and passenger platforms were decorated with the "Kazgan" marble of Central Asia, which is distinctive with its pink and white-gray hues, and the floors were coated with patterned red granite. The marbles on the wall were engraved with drawings of achievements of Azerbaijan during the Soviet rule (oil wells, cotton bolls, etc.).
A two-meter copper bas-relief with a statue of V.I. Lenin was hung on the main frontal wall of the middle hall. In 1993, this bas-relief statue was replaced with a plaster bas-relief statue of a woman dressed in a national costume, with her one hand warding off "evil” forces, while the other holding "good" forces. Three LT type escalators with a lifting height of 45 m were installed at the station's (maili gedişində - sloping course). By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 25, 2007, "Baki Soveti" station was renamed "Icherisheher", followed by the reconstruction as per the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated May 24, 2008. After the reconstruction was over, the station was inaugurated with the participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and his wife Mehriban Aliyeva on December 29 of the same year.
After the reconstruction, the entrance to the station has the shape of a pyramid. The construction is made of metal and transparent glass. The exterior height of the upper lobby is 14 meters, just as high as the fortress walls of Icheri Sheher (Old City). The station's old LT type escalators were replaced with Victoria escalators manufactured by "ThyssenKrupp", Germany and put into operation on September 15, 2009.
Made in France, 16 panoramic views of the old Baku are placed in the middle hall of the platform and on the walls of both platforms. A fragment of sculpture representing the fortress wall of Icheri Sheher was erected at the end of the middle hall of the platform, with the word "Icherisheher" engraved on it. The station has only one exit, which leads to "Istiglaliyyet" street.

A fragment from the piece of music "Baku’s night", composed by Alekber Tagiyev, is played on the trains arriving at the station.