• Date of opening:

    November 6, 1967

  • Line:


  • The length of the lines

    100 m

  • Address:

    Ahmad Rajabli and Tabriz streets

  • Architects:

    Mikayil Useynov, Telman Zeynalov, Khalil Aliyev

“Nariman Narimanov”

Inaugurated: November 6, 1967
Red line
Commissioning date: November 6, 1967.
Address:  Ahmad Rajabli and Tabriz streets.
Project name:  “Montin”.
Construction profile:   shallow-level, 2 rows, 32 reinforced concrete columns, island-type.
Length of tracks:  100 m.
Architect:  M.A.Huseynov.
Author of Nariman Narimanov's bas-relief: T.Zeynalov.

It is the last of the first five stations opened on the territory of "Baki Soveti-Nariman Narimanov". Although the original name of the station was "Peter Montin" in memory of the revolutionary Peter Montin and the name of its location, the station was later named after Nariman Narimanov, who was a prominent politician and statesman, doctor, writer and playwriter of Azerbaijan.
The station is also a junction that receives trains arriving at and departing from Red Line's "Narimanov" electric depot and "Bakmil" station. 
The passageways at both ends of the station are intended both for the passengers and as a passage to the surrounding streets. The station has no ground lobby and escalators. The columns of the platform consist of two parts.
In 1994, the artistic design of the station dedicated to the revolutionist Nariman Narimanov underwent significant changes, and included the doctor, playwright and patriot images of this distinguished personality.
On the ceiling wall of the staircase leading from the cashier's hall to the platform, there is a mosaic panel - "Nariman Narimanov - a doctor" - with Nariman Narimanov's portrait and the expression "Health of people is the most valuable treasure of the state". On the mosaic panel - "Nariman Narimanov - playwriter" - in the opposite exit direction is displayed his specific expression "You can call the sacred lands of your ancestors a motherland, only if you own them". On the platform wall of this panel is a panel dedicated to theater, the main theme of which is the "crying and laughing" masks, which symbolize a theater.

In the cashier's halls, one side of columns is coated with black, while the other with white marble. The platform has 17 rhombuses made of white marble stripes.

The columns are reminiscent of the giant stalks of amber wheat, which, with its color and harmony, make the station look like palaces in fairy tales. The row of lights dipped in the ceiling gives an impression of a sky with gold stars scattered across it, thus amplifying its magnificence.

On the eve of the first European Games held in Baku in 2015, the station’s passageways were renovated in a new style in accordance with the overall composition, and the marble and granite cover of the walls and floors was changed. The renovated passageway walls are suitable for various mass exhibitions and demonstrations. On June 1, 2015, an exhibition of children's works was held here to promote fight against thalassemia and similar blood diseases, to encourage voluntary and regular blood donation, and to demonstrate the need and necessity for blood donors. Also, in October of that year, "World Artists" exhibition was held here. Exhibitions are held regularly here.

A fragment from a song “Gullerim”, composed by Arif Melikov, is played on the trains arriving at the station.