• Date of opening:

    November 6, 1972

  • Line:


  • The length of the lines

    100 m

  • Address:

    The intersection of H. Aliyev and Z. Bunyadov avenues

  • Architects

    Hasanaga Majidov


Inaugurated: November 6, 1972
Red line
Commissioning date:  November 6, 1972.
Address:  Intersections of H.Aliyev Avenue with Z.Bunyadov Avenue and Mikayil Aliyev street.
Project name:  “Meshedi Azizbeyov” (until December 30, 2011).
Construction profile:  shallow-level, 2 rows, 32 reinforced concrete columns, island-type.
Length of tracks:  100 m.
Architect:    G.A.Majidov.
Reconstruction architects:    Anton Muller and Valter Hoffelner.

The eighth station of the Red Line, it is within “Bakı Soveti-Koroglu” area. The station was named after Mashadi Azizbeyov, one of the leaders of 26 Baku Commissars.  Lightweight and simple structures were used in the construction of the station. Prior to the reconstruction, the 32 columns, arranged in two rows, were coated with white-silver corrugated metal sheets. The track walls were made of dark marbles. The floor underneath the platform columns was made of light-colored marble, framed with winding black-striped granite.
This composition, which extends up to the cashier's hall, was complemented with Mashadi Azizbeyov's bust in the passageways.  A pavilion consisting of stone and glass structures was built above the first lobby of the station in that direction. 
In accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers dated January 28, 2010, the reconstruction works were launched and on December 30, 2011, with the participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and his wife Mehriban Aliyeva, the station was put into operation with a completely different modern look.
Instead of the pavilion in the first lobby, a 20-meter glass and metal structure was installed above the station, which is named after the national hero Koroglhu. For the first time in Azerbaijan, a modern multicolored luminous, energy-efficient LED lighting systems have been introduced in the lobby of glass and metal structures, using computer technology.
The entrance, lobby and track wall coatings were replaced with marbles and granites, produced in India and Bangladesh. All of the 32 columns of the passenger platform were half coated with marble and the other half with stainless metal. A suspended ceiling made of new materials was built in the station and equipped with modern lighting system.
In order to deliver passengers to the over-ground area of the station, “Tugela” escalators, manufactured by “Thyssen Krupp”, Germany, were installed on two lobbies - two in the area with glass and metal structure, and another one in the lobby leading to suburban trains. Modern equipment for cooling and heating meant for technological and service areas and water supply, as well as a new pump station, were built in the ground lobby. Another innovation introduced for the first time in Azerbaijan at this station is the vertical green wall built in the lobby.
A 112-meter long underground passage was built towards the station’s entrance on Mikayil Aliyev Street, which is one of the most intensive streets in terms of vehicles’ traffic on the ground. Although this underground passage was envisaged in the project during the USSR, it was revoked by the decision of the relevant government agencies. The length of the first and second tunnel built at the intersection of Heydar Aliyev and Ziya Bunyadov avenues is 140 and 65 meters respectively, both with 6 meters in width. The other stations and tunnels of the station have directional electronic boards and surveillance cameras that regulate pedestrians’ traffic. 

A fragment of an overture from an opera "Koroghlu" by Uzeyir Hajibayov is played on the trains arriving at the station.